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Finding your 'hidden' lone workers

& the best ways to improve lone worker safety in the workplace


What will you learn?

New research shows that 64% of employees who regularly work without close contact or supervision would not consider themselves a lone worker, therefore putting their safety at significant risk.

In this webinar StaySafe will explore the world of lone working and how, many employees in a broad range of industries are often unaware that they are in fact classed as a lone worker.

We are delighted to introduce you to award winning speaker, Justin Manley. Justin will tell his heartfelt story as a former ‘hidden’ lone worker. With Justin's help, we will guide you through the best steps to improve lone worker safety in the workplace.

Lone working has grown in popularity as advances in technology make it possible for staff to work remotely with ease and carry out complex tasks alone. This means you are likely to find lone workers in almost every industry today, from local authorities to construction, healthcare to engineering and charities to utilities.

 Join our panellists who will give their expert advice following the recent research uncovered by StaySafe and see how can help improve the safety of your lone workers.


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